Seiko Matsuda Brings Back the “Seiko-chan cut” for “Aoi Sangoshou” Remake

Fourty one years ago today, Seiko Matsuda debuted with the single “Hadashi no Kisetsu.” In honor of this anniversary, today she is releasing a new digital single, “Aoi Sangoshou ~Blue Lagoon~.” The song is a self-cover of her 1980 classic “Aoi Sangoshou.”

Speaking of this remake, Seiko said that “Aoi Sangoshou” is her favorite song, and that she is excited to cover it in a rearranged form 40 years after her debut.

Seiko has also released a music video for “Aoi Sangoshou ~Blue Lagoon~”, which she directed. This is the first time that a music video has been made for “Aoi Sangoshou.” In the video, Seiko revives her iconic “Seiko-chan cut”, which she had during the song’s original release. Check it out below!

松田聖子「青い珊瑚礁 ~Blue Lagoon~」配信ジャケット