April Fools’ Day: Koda Kumi to Re-Debut in US with Nicki Minaj Collaboration

It was recently reported that Avex and AEG Presents have formed AEGX in an effort spread JPop worldwide and expand the reach of American music in Asia. One of the first AEGX projects is the relaunch of Koda Kumi‘s US career!

Koda’s first two singles, “Take Back” and “Trust Your Love”, were released in the US in 2001 as dance singles. “Take Back” hit #10 on the Dance / Electronic Singles Sales, while “Trust Your Love” hit #1 on that chart.

Koda feels as if she’s done all she can do in Japan and is looking for a new challenge, hence the return to the US. This time around she’s looking to go a more urban route and will be based in Atlanta. She previously visited the city when she shot the music video for her 2008 Fergie collaboration “That Ain’t Cool.” She loved the vibe of the city and feels it suits her.

For her American relaunch, Koda has scored a big collaboration: Nicki Minaj! She’s loved Nicki for years and has dreamt of working with her. The song will be called “Twerk” and will be released just in time for summer!

Koda has wanted to release a song in Japan like this for years, but wasn’t allowed to. “In the US, I can have more freedom, since Americans are much less conservative compared to Japanese people. Some people have said I should mature and do ballads, but I want to have fun while I still can! Nicki and I are the same age, and I look at what she’s able to do, and I want that for myself.”

Nicki was open to the collaboration because she sees it as a way of connecting to her Japanese roots (her great grandfather was Japanese).

Ahead of the release of “Twerk”, Koda will get a Brazilian butt lift to make her assets a bit more twerkable. “I know I can’t compete with Nicki’s glorious butt, but I will try my best!”