RADWIMPS unveil touching Music Video for their 4th Earthquake Memorial Song “Ai to wa”

These past few years, well-known rock band RADWIMPS has honored the lives of those lost in the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake by choosing to publish a song to their Youtube channel each year on that anniversary.  The songs released for this project are never put up for sale or included on any of RADWIMPS own releases; they’re songs that are meant to both encourage people to keep those lost in their hearts, yet at the same time continue to move forward in reconstructing that which was damaged.

This year’s song is “Ai to wa”, which is a soaring ballad set to scenes of the band’s singer Noda Yojiro playing a 4-octave piano, culminating with him visiting one of the earthquake memorials himself.

You’ll find the music video for “Ai to wa” below, so if you have a moment, please don’t hesitate to watch it and reflect.

(via natalie)