QURULI releases absurd but strangely addictive video for ‘Liberty&Gravity’

Kyoto-based rock band Quruli have just released new music video ‘Liberty&Gravity‘ in support of their upcoming 11th album ‘THE PIER’ set to be released September 17th.

With flopping fish, kilts, human puppets combined with traditional Japanese elements, something this bizarre could only be brought to you by Jun Tamukai, winner of many awards as the mastermind behind most of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s music videos and commercials.

It’s probably better to not question it.

The description of the video poses many questions in English for us:

Which country does this music come from ?
Which age does this music come from?
Everyone wants to talk about this, however there is no word that can describe this music…
“No one can name this music”.
In 2014… the Music Quest which is full of drama will start.

Very mysterious…