May J. releases ‘Hontou no Koi’ video digest

May J. will release her 6th single ‘Hontou no Koi‘ on September 10th.

This single is filled with a bunch of tie-ins. The title track ‘Hontou no Koi’ was used in the TBS drama ‘Dousousei ~Hito wa, Sando, Koi wo Suru~’ based on a manga about a group of friends that meet each other again at their 25 year reunion. The coupling song ‘Sunshine Baby!’ was used in the commercial for Yamazaki’s product for crust-less bread filled with various ingredients, while ‘Kokoro no Kagi’ was used as the ED for the popular anime Fairy Tail.

Check out the digest below.

‘Hontou no Koi’ Tracklist

Music Card Tracklist

  1. Hontou no Koi

CD Tracklist

  1. Hontou no Koi
  2. Sunshine Baby!
  3. Kokoro no Kagi
  4. Tsukanoma no Niji Demo
  5. Hontou no Koi [Off Vocal]
  6. Sunshine Baby! [Off Vocal]
  7. Kokoro no Kagi [Off Vocal]
  8. Tsukanoma no Niji Demo [Off Vocal]

DVD Tracklist

  1. Hontou no Koi [Episode 0] −Special Movie−
  2. Studio Acoustic Live
    1. Eternally -Wedding ver.-
    2. Kimi no Uta
    3. Yozora no Yuki ~ TSUBASA [Medley]
    4. Lovin’ you
  3. 2014.5.8 Suntory Hall Live with NHK Symphony Orchestra Top Member
    1. Furusato
  4. Deluxe Movie
    1. Hontou no Koi [Episode 0] −Making Movie−