Odotte Bakari no Kuni unveil Music Video for “Aoi Pierce”

Towards the end of 2019, we reported that psychedelic rock group Odotte Bakari no Kuni would be releasing a new album titled “Watashi wa Tsuki ni wa Ikanai Darou” on January 22nd. Though they’ve already uploaded a PV for the record’s opening track “Banana Fish“, they have now published a second PV for song “Aoi Pierce”.

The clip focuses on a simple performance of the track by frontman Koji Shimotsu, who plays the accompanying acoustic guitar part in a stark white room. As with the previous video, direction was handled by the creative team of Rintaro Ishige and Motonori Omori.

You’ll find the full PV for this rollicking mid-tempo track right after the jump.

(via natalie)