New Avex idol unit Chubbiness debuts with ‘Manmadeiya!’

You read the name right: Per their official mission statement, Chubbiness is a ten-member idol group that seeks to “bring happiness to Japan with chubby girls.”

Selected from 3,500 applicants to record label Avex and fashion magazine CanCam‘s joint “Nationwide Chubby Girl Audition” held in June 2013, Chubbiness aims to represent “dancing, singing, fashion and deliciousness” through their activities. In April, they opened a limited-time restaurant in Otemachi, Chubby’s, where the members worked as waitresses; as of last month, the chain has expanded to two permanent Shibuya locations. Now, they’re ready to take on the music world with ‘Manmadeiya!’, their just-released debut video.

“We had to repeat the dance over and over again, so it felt like we might lose weight! But it was such a happy shoot that we all wondered if we were dreaming,” leader Kotomi Yaegashi (19) commented on the experience. “The PV is bursting with Chubbiness’ happy aura! Please watch it lots and let the happiness flow into you!”

Chubbiness is set to perform ‘Manmadeiya!’ for the first time on the 37th annual 24-Hour TV at the end of this month.

(via Dwango)