Morning Musume ’16 Sakura, Haruka and Mizuki go Feline Fatale in “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu”

The music video for the new Morning Musume ’16 PV “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu” has been released to the group’s official YouTube channel.

With lyrics and music by the legendary Tsunku♂ and arrangement by long-time contributor Kaori Okubo, the group combines their signature sound with a jazzy saxophone riff.

In the video, Morning Musume ’16 members Mizuki Fukumura, Haruka Kudo, and Sakura Oda take the form of anthropomorphic felines to ruin the lives of their group members, from knocking over their Jenga tower mid-game, messing up their nail polish, and hanging the phone up on them. But instead of getting too caught up in the destruction, they realize it’s better to roll with the punches and have a little fun with their feline friends.

Check out the video’s promotion edit below!

Morning Musume 16’s 62nd single “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu / Mukidashi de Mukiatte / Sou ja nai” will be released on November 23 in 6 editions: 3 regulars and 3 limited. The regular editions include a random trading card, while the limited editions include an event lottery card and come with a bonus DVD.