LDH is going global in 2017! New bases in USA, Asia and Europe

The entertainment company behind EXILE, J Soul Brothers and E-Girls LDH has announced their plans to expand to the global market and “establish a system to create world-class entertainment” in 2017.

With goals to create entertainment that can be enjoyed by people in the whole world, just like Disney and Universal Studios, LDH president EXILE HIRO took to the company’s official website with the details.

National boundaries and time difference are no longer a problem in enjoying entertainment,” explains HIRO. “Under such an environment, LDH will build activity bases all over the world to expand entertainment network from a strategic perspective.

The company that is currently known as LDH will be renamed LDH JAPAN starting on January 1, 2017. They will branch out into 3 international markets: LDH USA, LDH ASIA and LDH EUROPE.

LDH USA will be the base in the United States. EXILE PROFFESIONAL GYM (EXPG) opened in New York two years ago and initiated “PROJECT TARO” with avex which aims at making Japanese young boys top artists. Moreover, an EXPG branch school is scheduled to open in Los Angeles to further the activities in the United States.

LDH ASIA will be the base in Asia. EXPG and LDH FLAG SHIP SHOP opened in Taiwan seven years ago and they will carry out activities in Asian countries including China and South Korea.

LDH EUROPE will be the base in Europe. Together with LDH’s new partner Afrojack, they will carry out activities in England, Germany, France and Holland.

All 4 branches will be under the management of the parent company LDH WORLD, which will be under the direction of HIRO.

Details have yet to be clarified, but as of now, LDH acts will continue their activities as normal with more opportunities for them to work abroad in the future.

For more information, check out the official LDH website.