Morning Musume ’20 wear various shades of beige in MV for “Gyuusaretai Dake na no ni”

Hello!Project group Morning Musume ’20 will be getting a new name in just over 30 days, but that isn’t stopping them from releasing a brand new single. The double a-side “Junjou Evidence / Gyuusaretai Dake na no ni” is the groups 69th single overall, and 2nd released under the name Morning Musume ’20.

In usual Hello!Project fashion the single will be available in multiple versions, 3 limited edition and 2 regulars. First press of the regular editions will come with a random trading card, with 30 to collect in total. The DVD will feature alternative versions of the MVs for Junjou Evidence and Gyuusaretai Dake na no ni.

The MV for Gyuusaretai Dake na no ni mainly takes place on an empty change, where the girls perform wearing outfits featuring every different shade of beige! It cuts to close up scenes of the girls posing with giant pieces of cloth, and bound by string.

Junjou Evidence / Gyuusaretai Dake na no ni will be released on December 16th, 2020.