More than Friends? BiSH Releases PV for ‘Orchestra’

Idol group BiSH has been quite busy this year and they don’t seem to be taking a break. Ahead of their 1st major debut album, they’ve dropped the PV to the third track ‘Orchestra‘. Taking place at a high school, we see the birth and progression of friendship between two classmates. But could it be more than a friendship? Backed by an orchestra (which is very appropriate given the title of the song) BiSH sing their hearts out in this very powerful song. Both imagery and matched are very well matched to convey the emotion of the two school girls. Continue on to watch ‘Orchestra‘.


Killer BiSH -CD-

  2. Fast Kitchen Life
  3. Orchestra
  4. Stairway to Me
  5. IDOL is SHiT
  6. Honto honki
  7. KNAVE
  8. Am I Frenzy??
  9. My distinction
  10. summertime
  11. Hey gate
  12. Throw away
  13. Iki tete yokatta to iu nonara


Killer BiSH -CD & DVD- (‘Live‘ ver.)

  • Orchestra PV

Orchestra‘ was directed by Masaki Okita; who has worked with such people as Mr. Children and Dragon Ash. The role of the two classmates were played by models Kanon Ryoumi and Ri Mero. BiSH‘s 1st major debut album Killer BiSH will be released 10.5 under AvexTrax.

via Natalie