Snow Man Shows Their Softer Side with “Secret Touch”

On December 1, Snow Man will release their fifth single, “Secret Touch.” The song serves as the theme song for the TV Asahi drama “Kieta Hatsukoi”, which stars Snow Man member Ren Meguro. “Secret Touch” is a sad ballad that expresses the feeling of liking someone, and the joy and anxiety that comes along with that.

“Secret Touch” will be released in three versions: CD+DVD limited edition A, CD+DVD limited edition B, and CD only regular edition. Limited edition A features the new song “Boku no Kanojo ni Natte yo.”, which is the continuation of the song “Kimi no Kareshi ni Naritai.”, which was a B-side on Snow Man’s second single, last October’s “KISSIN’ MY LIPS / Stories.” Limited edition B includes the group’s first Christmas song, “Christmas wishes.” The regular edition will include both of the previously mentioned songs, along with “My Sweet Girl”, which is described as a refreshing pop tune.

The single covers feature Snow Man in cool, blue tones, with sad expressions, expressing the theme of “Secret Touch.” The covers also feature the members giving each other a light “secret touch.”

The music video for “Secret Touch” has now been released. The members’ sad expressions and blue outfits from the single covers carry over to the video, where they dance delicately. Check it out below, along with more information on their new single!

Limited Edition A



  1. Secret Touch
  2. 僕の彼女になってよ。 (Boku no Kanojo ni Natte yo.)


  1. Secret Touch (Music Video)
  2. 僕の彼女になってよ。 (Lip Sync Video) (Boku no Kanojo ni Natte yo. (Lip Sync Video))
  3. 僕の彼女になってよ。 (Solo Lip Sync Ver.) (Boku no Kanojo ni Natte yo.。 (Solo Lip Sync Ver.))
  4. Behind The Scenes

Limited Edition B



  1. Secret Touch
  2. Christmas wishes


  1. Secret Touch (マルチアングル映像) (Secret Touch (Multi-Angle Eizo))
  2. 推理トーキングバトル Secret Snow Man (Suiri Talking Battle Secret Snow Man)

  1. Secret Touch
  2. 僕の彼女になってよ。(Boku no Kanojo ni Natte yo.)
  3. Christmas wishes
  4. My Sweet Girl
  5. Secret Touch (Instrumental)
  6. 僕の彼女になってよ。(Instrumental) (Boku no Kanojo ni Natte yo. (Instrumental))
  7. Christmas wishes (Instrumental)
  8. My Sweet Girl (Instrumental)

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