Keyakizaka46 member Yurina Hirate’s solo MV “Kado wo Magaru” is finally available on YouTube

Back in 2018 Keyakizaka46 ace Yurina Hirate starred in her debut feature film “HIBIKI”.

Yurina played the lead role of a sensitive but tough 15-year-old high school student with a knack for writing. One day her novel is submitted for the Rookie of the Year award at a prestigious literature magazine. Unsatisfied with the story, staff members throw the manuscript into the trash where it’s found by an editor (Keiko Kitagawa).

Kado wo Magaru” served as the theme for the film, and it was unusually left out of Keyakizaka46’s 2019 single “Kuroi Hitsuji”, but signs are pointing that it will finally be included on the groups 2nd single of 2019.

The MV for “Kado wo Magaru” was directed by Sho Tsukikawa, who also was the director for “HIBIKI”. Yurina does an interpretive dance routine, which has become somewhat of a signature for her. Throughout the MV she’s chased by, and dances with, ominous figures in black clothing before finally dancing her way free to the sunlight.

The full MV for the song is finally available on YouTube, worldwide! Check it out below:

Keyakizaka46’s upcoming 9th single does not have a release date yet or title yet, but it will come out before 2019 ends.