Kanjani8 Drops ‘Omoidama’ FULL PV ft High School Winds Corps

Kanjani8 has released their 26th single titled ‘Omoidama’ last 02 July. The song has been selected to be the theme song for the national high school baseball competition ‘Netto Koshien’.

The song is composed by high school students nationwide based from the phrases: “towards the dream”, “doing your best so you can deliver for the people who supports your (dreams/feelings)”. 16 kinds of phrases from 6,000 submissions were incorporated in the song. In addition, 30 high school students who plays wind instruments were also recruited for “High School Special Winds Corps” where they took part during the recording.

The PV features the highschool band, Yoko playing the trumpet, and of course Subaru feeling the song 200%.

Check out the 5 minute PV below!


Source: MusicJapanPlus, Jnewseng,Comtrya