“Animachicon” events help otaku and fujoshi meet

So you’re a young man or woman in Japan. Your country has an incredibly low birthrate, and you can’t really get out much during the day because you need to work to afford your waifus and husbandos. Night time is for late night anime shows and playing Visual Novels. Society thinks you’re a loser, and you don’t even like those 3D Pigs anyway. How are you supposed to meet like minded friends offline?? (Find out below)

Enter Animachicon. Animachicon is a series of events that takes a speed dating format to allow fans of anime, manga, and games to meet up and connect

From ANN:

Animachicon is a multi-event campaign taking place throughout the year that helps otaku get out and meet each other. The campaign began in May with “Animachicon in Akihabara,” a meet-up event that took a “speed dating” approach to introducing the community to each other. Participants were split by gender, at which point each male would sit with a female and discuss their interests until time was up. Once that time ran out, they would switch onto another partner and repeat. In all, “Animachicon in Akihabara” had a total of 206 participants, 104 males and 102 females, who came in search of friendship, or even the chance to let true love blossom. The event was so popular that Animachicon is planning on holding a second edition this month.


The events, which have become wildly popular are expanding to meet the needs of their attendants. The newly added “Animachicon in Ikebukuro” which takes place on August 31st in the Boy’s Love capitol of the world is set to help guests “share the true meaning of BL and the fujoshi lifestyle.” By giving out a questionnaire and matching guests, it might even be possible for a fujoshi to find her true love at one of these events! Allegedly.

Either way, you can get tickets for Animachicon through its website. Like any sketchy hook up club setting, ladies get a discount, with prices set at $71 for male guests and $29 for female ones