The cutest Kondo Yohdi roars backwards in “Danoila” MV

Harajuku model and singer Kondo Yohdi has published a new MV, as his 3rd Single “Danoila” is hitting the stores on September 28th. This track, whose title is Lion Da (It’s a Lion) backwards, serves as the theme song for “ANIMETRO”, DING‘s autumn/winter collection, his own clothing brand. In the MV, Yohdi magically takes a kid into a jungle he drew in his notebook, and they spend their time fishing, exploring, eating and especially dancing! Check the MV, single tracklist and first press editions bonuses just after the jump!

[CD Tracklist]

  1. Danoila
  2. Danoila (Performance ver.)
  3. Starlight Baby Girl
  4. Danoila -instrumental-
  5. Starlight Baby Girl -instrumental-

First press edition comes with a 64-page photobook!