“Ja-Ba-Ja” All Night Long with AKB48 in New Music Video

Idol group AKB48 have released the music video of their upcoming single “Ja-Ba-Ja” to their official YouTube channel.

AKB48 bring their first single of 2018 with a groovy A-side and high energy music video. With its infectious brass presence throughout, AKB48 show that they still firmly hold the reins on the idol scene with “Ja-Ba-Ja“.

This single marks Okada Nana’s first AKB48 single as a center, becoming the 15th girl overall to hold that position.

AKB48’s 51st single “Ja-Ba-Ja” will be released on March 14 in 11 editions.

The kids are saying it sounds better at 1.25x speed. What do you think?