Perfume Explore Guam’s Wilderness in “Mugen Mirai” Short PV

Pop trio Perfume have uploaded the short music video for their upcoming singleMugen Mirai” set for release March 14.

The new song will act as the theme song for “Chihayafuru Part 3“, which takes place 2 years after “Chihayafuru Part 2” left off, with the titular character Chihaya—played by Suzu Hirose—now a high school senior.

In this new music video, the Hiroshima trio take on the tropical island territory of Guam—their first video shot overseas!

Video director Yusuke Tanaka, who previously worked with the group on their videos for “Spring of Life” and “FLASH“, used the location to represent the concept of “a future with unlimited possibilities“. Filming took 24 hours over the course of two days in late January.

This release also marks the group’s first outdoor filming location since their 2015 single “Relax In The City“, which was filmed in Japan’s southern island of Okinawa.

Chihayafuru Part 3” will be released to theaters across Japan on March 17, 2018.