hy4_4yh’s new high-energy single ‘TICKEE ON THE BEACH’ PV

Music duo hy4_4yh has released the video for their new single ‘TICKEE ON THE BEACH‘ to their official YouTube Channel!

This vaguely surf pop song, inspired by surf music pioneer Dick Dale, was already released back on July 30th but the music video has just been made available. Check it out below!

hy4_4yh (pronounced HYPER YO-YO) is a unique duo, a blend of qualities found in artists and idols. Produced by Masaru Ezaki, their songs combine elements of pop, rock, punk and funk. hy4_4yh has been active since 2008 and released 6 albums and 17 Maxi singles throughout their career and are still going strong.

The have a wide variety of musical influences and often cover them at their shows.

Oasis – Don’t Look Back in Anger Cover

The Beatles – Helter Skelter Cover