The Future Keiko Kitagawas and Kaela Kimuras: ‘Miss Seventeen 2014’ winners

‘SEVENTEEN Natsu no Gakuensai 2014’ was held today at the Yokohama National Convention Hall where the winners of ‘Miss Seventeen 2014‘ were announced! Along with the announcement of winners, there was also a fashion show and performance by miwa.

Out of 6147 total applicants, (from left to right in all images) Rinka Kashimoto (junior highschool 2nd year), Mayu Yokota (junior highschool 3rd year) and Asuka Kawazu (junior highschool 3rd year) won this year’s competition by reader’s vote.

Rinka Kashimoto
Special skill Basketball
Hobbies making friendship bracelets
Hometown Ehime Prefecture
Height 165cm
Blood type O type
Date of Birth June 29, 2000
Nickname Rinrin
Mayu Yokota
Special skill Styling hair
Hobbies Dancing to Fairies
Hometown Tokyo
Height 165cm
Blood type O type
Date of Birth June 30, 1999
Nickname Mayu, Takotako
Asuka Kawazu
Hobbies shopping, nail art, playing with dogs
Hometown Tokyo
Height 163cm
Blood type A type
Date of Birth February 12, 2000
Nickname Asuka

They have held this event every year since 1997. Many popular actresses, models and artists of today like Keiko Kitagawa, Kaela Kimura, Kiko Mizuhara, Ai Hashimoto have all participated in this competition in the past and won.

This feature story will be available in the October issue of Seventeen Japan where the three girls will begin working as exclusive models.

(via ModelPress)