GRAPEVINE keep time in their Lyric Video for “Mezamashi wa Itsumo Nari Yamanai”

Late last month we reported that alternative rock band GRAPEVINE would be releasing a new album titled “Atarashii Kajitsu” on May 26th. As this date draws nearer, the trio have chosen to publish a lyric video for the longplay’s second track “Mezamashi wa Itsumo Nari Yamanai”.

The PV cuts together shots of a daytime cityscape with a clock steadily crawling towards 7AM. Like the last two videos tied to this project, the clip was directed by videographer Takumi Shiga.

You’ll find the full video for the funky “Mezamashi wa Itsumo Nari Yamanai” right after the cut.

(via natalie)