Former King & Prince Member Genki Iwahashi to Make Solo Debut

Earlier this year, Genki Iwahashi shocked fans by announcing that he was leaving King & Prince and Johnny & Associates to focus on dealing with his panic disorder. He is now ready to step back into the spotlight with his debut solo single, “My Lonely X’mas”, out December 1.

The heartwarming Christmas song was recorded in Los Angeles and features Joseph Williams of the American band TOTO on the chorus. Genki said that he poured all the gratitude he has received from fans who have continued to support him into “My Lonely X’mas.” The single also includes the English language song “Smile.”

“My Lonely X’mas” will be released in three editions: CD+DVD limited edition, CD only regular edition, and a CD+Photobook fanclub edition. The regular edition of the single includes the English language version of the A-side, “My Lonely Christmas.”

Genki has now released the music video for “My Lonely X’mas.” As suggested by the title, he spends Christmas alone in the video. Check it out below!

Limited Edition

岩橋玄樹「My Lonely X'mas」初回限定盤ジャケット


  1. My Lonely X’mas
  2. Smile


  1. My Lonely X’mas (Music Video)
  2. My Lonely X’mas (Behind The Scenes)

Regular Edition

岩橋玄樹「My Lonely X'mas」通常盤ジャケット
  1. My Lonely X’mas
  2. Smile
  3. My Lonely Christmas
  4. My Lonely X’mas (Instrumental)
  5. Smile (Instrumental)

Fanclub Edition

岩橋玄樹「My Lonely X'mas」ファンクラブ限定盤ジャケット
  1. My Lonely X’mas
  2. Smile