DEAN FUJIOKA Releases “Unchained Melody” Music Video

Singer-model-actor DEAN FUJIOKA has released the full music video for “Unchained Melody“.

The song “Unchained Melody” is a mid-tempo track with ambient production and a poetic message, including a rap that questions conflict and suffering as part of the human condition. In the video, shots of Dean are juxtaposed with strong nature imagery of disaster areas, the Aurora Borealis, whales, icebergs and more.

Dean’s first musical release was a 2013 single titled “My Dimension” but his big break came last year with the song “History Maker”, which acted as the theme to the hugely successful anime series “Yuri!!! On Ice”.

Dean’s first EP “Permanent Vacation / Unchained Melody” was released July 5. The short version of the music video for “Permanent Vacation was released last month.