Creephyp Releases Short PV for “Wasuremono”

On September 30, Creephyp will release their new single “Reversiblue.” They’ve already released the music video for its title track, and now they’re back with another one. “Wasuremono” is one of the B-sides on the single and it serves as the theme song for the movie “Watashitachi no Haa Haa.” The movie, opening in theaters September 12, tells the story of 4 teenage girls who take a journey from Fukuoka to Tokyo to see their favorite band, Creephyp, in concert. The 4 girls are played by Inoue Sonoko, Oozeki Reika, Mayama Saku, and Miura Toko. This music video is a side story featuring the girls that takes place 6 months after the events in the film. Check out the video after the jump!