Poll: Who’s the most handsome mixed celebrity? (Part 2)

As some of you were not satisfied with yesterday’s poll, I decided to make a second part with more candidates. Both polls are going to stay open for one week (so yesterday’s poll ends in six days). If you missed part one, you can find it here.

The two winners will then face each other in a second and final round.

Check out the candidates after the jump!

14. ILMARI (Singer) 1/2 Finnish

15. Cyril Takayama (Magician) 1/2 Moroccan-French

16. Takeshi Kaneshiro (Actor) 1/2 Taiwanese

17. Ryuhei Matsuda (Actor) 1/4 Korean

18. Shota Matsuda (Actor) 1/4 Korean

19. Tomoyasu Hotei (Musician) 1/4 Korean, 1/4 Russian

20. Takashi Suzuki (Newscaster) 1/2 German-Austrian

21. Ken Noguchi (Talent) 1/2 Egyptian

22. JOY (Talent) 1/2 British

23. KENTA (Actor) 1/2 Iranian

24. Kenji Haga (Actor) 1/2 American

25. ISSA (Singer) 1/4 Irish-American

26. Claude Maki (Actor) 1/4 American

27. Take Kentaro Seagal (Actor) 1/2 American

28. Jon Kabira (Newscaster) 1/2 American

29. Yuu Koyanagi (Actor) 1/4 Hawaiian-American

30. Masao Kusakari (Actor) 1/2 American

31. Jay Kabira (Actor) 1/2 American

32. Tadanobu Asano (Actor) 1/4 North European-American

33. Yu Shirota (Actor) 1/2 Spanish

34. Jun Shirota (Musician) 1/2 Spanish

35. Mokomichi Hayami (Actor) 1/2 Filipino

36. Tetsuji Tamayama (Actor) 1/2 Korean

37. MIYAVI (Musician) 1/2 Zainichi Korean


Who’s the most handsome mixed celebrity? (Part 2)

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Note: I hope that everyone is more or less satisfied with this solution. If not, feel free to slaughter me in the comments!