AAA Release Music Video for Ballad “Namida no nai Sekai”

The latest music video from 7-member pop group AAA has been released to Avex’s official YouTube channel.

Namida no nai Sekai” (A World Without Tears) is the 52nd single released by AAA. It’s a mid-tempo ballad in which the members sing the feelings of lost loved ones. Although the music is sad, the lyrics express a beautiful outlook on the world.

Check it out below.

Additionally, their new book Ano Toki, Bokura no Utagoe Wa. hit shelves across Japan today. Marking the group’s 11th year together, it details each member’s journey within the group.

Namida no nai Sekai” will be released on October 5 in nine versions: a CD+DVD edition, a CD Only edition, and 7 mu-mo CD Only editions. Both CD+DVD and CD Only editions come with 1 of 8 trading cards.