YUKI releases new live DVD/Blu Ray, Single for Pokemon movie

Pop/rock legend YUKI returns with not one, but two different releases mid next month. One is a live DVD/Blu Ray documenting last year’s arena tour, entitled “YUKI LIVE Dance in a Circle ’15” and the other is an accompanying single “Post ni Koe wo Nageirete“, which will also serve as the theme for upcoming Pokemon movie “Pokemon the Movie XY & Z“. See the covers below!

DVD/Blu Ray “YUKI LIVE Dance in a Circle ’15

Recorded in November 2015 at the final of her Tokyo Nippon Budokan arena tour, she performs 25 of her best known singles. Available on the 13th of July.

Blu-ray:ESBL95 ¥7,500 (tax in)
DVD:ESBL2442 ¥6,500 (tax in)

Single “Post ni Koe wo Nageirete” covers (all available 13th July):

CD Only- ESCL 4642 ¥1,049(tax in):

CD/DVD (Limited Edition). DVD features music video. ESCL 4640-1 ¥1,543

Pokemon edition: features the single track from “Pokemon the Movie: XY & Z” ESCL 4643 ¥864(tax in)