Wakusei Abnormal Mixes Things Up in “LET IT DIE ~Toki wo Kakeru Koroshiya~” PV

Wakusei Abnormal will release their fourth mini album, “VIVI de VAVI de LOVE”, on July 6! The duo recently released the music video the the mini album’s opening track, “LET IT DIE ~Toki wo Kakeru Koroshiya~.” The frantic pop song’s video is composed of new footage of daily life mixed with random video clips, such as vintage cartoons and a man getting shot by police. Check it out below, along with more information on the release!

1. LET IT DIE ~時をかける殺し屋~ (LET IT DIE ~Toki wo Kakeru Koroshiya~)
2. BE P!NK
3. スターライトマリッジ (Starlight Marriage)
4. こゝろ死なせないで (Koro Shinasenai de)
6. 愛してやむなし (Aishite Yamunashi)
7. 美術II (Bijutsu II) (Remix)
8. ムテキの恋人 (Muteki no Koibito) (Remix)


Album teaser


LET IT DIE ~Toki wo Kakeru Koroshi ya~