Yu Takahashi to release New Single “Reportage” in November

Singer/songwriter Yu Takahashi has announced that he will be releasing a brand new single next month on November 22nd.  Titled “Reportage”, the title track has already been picked up as the theme song for drama “Otona Koukou”, which stars young actor Haruma Miura.

Well in advance of this date, the short PV for “Reportage” has been uploaded to Takahashi’s Youtube channel.  The video centers around shots of Takahashi and Miura dressed in the same outfit, focusing on the various different facial expressions that they shoot the camera.

You’ll find the music video for this energetic number, as well as the single’s track list right after the jump.

-’Reportage’ Track List-

  1. Reportage
  2. Rashinban
  3. See You Again ~Piano Version~
  4. Goggle / Megane Twins (Yu Takahashi & Seiji Kameda)

(via natalie)