Watch Hiroomi Tosaka’s anticipated solo debut MV “WASTED LOVE”

Hiroomi Tosaki, one of the lead vocalists of Sandaime J Soul Brothers, has released his highly anticipated solo debut MV for “WASTED LOVE”.

“WASTED LOVE” was produced by world renowned dutch DJ Afrojack, following the EDM club sound that has become a staple among artists under the “LDH” family. The MV was directed by Jun Shim, and takes full advantage of the “hypebeast” aesthetic.

The video begins with a steamy scene showing Hiroomi making out with a beautiful girl inside a car. It seems Hiroomi begins to have second thoughts and isn’t in the mood anymore, the girl senses his hesitation and gets out of the car. Hiroomi then drives off leaving her alone in the rain. The next scene takes place in a club where Hiroomi is seen indulging himself in some beer, he eventually makes his way to the dance floor where he locks eyes with the girl who was in the car with him. A flashback takes place showing Hiroomi and the tattooed beauty during happier times, but reality sets in and perhaps Hiroomi realizes they are unable to go back to how they were before.

“WASTED LOVE” is released digitally today, on July 27th. Watch the full MV below the jump.