Watch AKB48’s new MV for “Sentimental Train”, featuring a CG Jurina Matsui

AKB48 has released the MV for their highly anticipated single “Sentimental Train“.

Clocking in at 10 minutes long the MV is almost like a short episode for a drama series. It begins with a disclaimer, addressing the absence of Jurina Matsui due to her poor physical health. The text reads as follows:

For this release, SKE48’s  Jurina Matsui served as center but due to poor health, she did not participate.

Because of that, Jurina Matsui’s planned scenes are presented using drawings and CG images, so there are some incomplete parts.

When Matsui returns, filming and editing will resume to finish the incomplete parts. As an incomplete work, we decided on this plan to still send something to the fans. Thanks for your understanding.

This decision has received mixed reviews from fans. Many are thankful that they had Matsui’s best interest in mind, but the “incomplete” MV looks quite questionable. The “CG Jurina” is serving PlayStation 2 graphics, and the drawings of her mess with the flow of the MV.

The concept of the MV showcases the girls bonding and having fun at what appears to be a museum. They partake in various activities including reading books, checking out the beautiful scenery, and looking at the sky through a telescope.

“Sentimental Train” will hit Japanese store shelves on September 19th, 2018. Watch the full MV below!