Wakusei Abnormal release new mini album

Wakusei Abnormal have been teasing a new release for a while, and have just released a bit more solid information regarding their upcoming  mini album, including album cover, track-list and store bonuses. Read more after the jump!

Female pop-rock duo Wakusei Abnormal are set to unleash their fourth mini album “VIVI de VAVI de LOVE” on June 1st, marking it their first release since last year’s “Kokoro Koko Ni”

Here is the album cover:


M 1. LET IT DIE Toki wo Kakeru Koroshi-ya
M 2. BE P! NK
M 3. Starlight Marriage
M 4. Kokoro Shinasenaide
M 6. Aishite Yamunashi
M 7. Bijutsu II (Remix)
M 8. Muteki no Koibito (Remix) Remix by Ishii Kōhei

The group have also announced individual store benefits- 3 DVDs from the “Kokoro-Koko-Ni” tour filmed on the 8th of October at TSUTAYA O-WEST. To get the full live set, you need to collect all three discs (which, of course, in true Japanese style, means you have to buy the mini album three individual times).

Here are the details:

Disc 1: HMV Records limited bonus
1. Clone
2. Bijutsu II
3. Kaidan Concerto
4. Ryuusei
5. Allergy

Disc 2: Village Vanguard limited bonus
5. Allergy
6. Nusutto
7. Ikizuku
8. Okubyoumono Rhapsody
9. Tsukiyo Kaisuiyoku

Disc 3: Tower Records limited bonus
11. Muteki no Koibito
12. Jinsei wa Romantic
13. Kokoro Shinasenaide
14. Aishite Yamanai
15. Kiseki no Hibi

All the bonus DVDs are given out on a limited, first in, first served basis. Available both in store and on their websites.

A sample from the DVD has been uploaded to YouTube: