Usotsuki to release their Third Full Album later this month

Up-and-coming rock band Usotsuki will be releasing their third full-length album “Diamond” later this month on September 26th.  This record will include a new version of the group’s previously released track “Koi wa Hard Mode”, plus ten new songs for a total of 11.

Ahead of its release, the group have chosen to promote the album by publishing a pair of music videos to their label’s Youtube channel.  The PV for album opener “Natsu no Bourei” focuses on a rainy trek through the nighttime streets, while its brighter counterpart “Namonaki Kanjou” centers around the difficulty one can have putting their feelings into words.

You’ll find both of these videos, as well as the cover and track list for “Diamond” right after the jump.

-’Diamond’ Track List-

  1. Natsu no Bourei
  2. Gizensha
  3. Namonaki Kanjou
  4. Kounai Sensou
  5. Retort no Kare
  6. Pan
  7. Koi wa Hard Mode (Album Mix)
  8. M.N.E.
  9. Shitteru
  10. Chouhimoriron
  11. Love Song wa Muryoku da

(via natalie)