Halo at Yojohan reveal all of the info. about their Major Debut Album “swanflight”

Earlier this year we reported that alternative rock band Halo at Yojohan would be joining major record label Nippon Columbia’s TRIAD imprint and releasing their first album this Fall.  Now that the season has nearly arrived, the group have chosen to reveal all of the details about their major debut record.

The album, titled “swanflight”, will be released on October 17th and is planned to include ten new songs – 12 tracks total – from the band, among them live favorite “Fuse”, the Yohito Teraoka-produced “Hero”, and a self-cover of singer Shouta Watai’s song for the movie “EVEN ~Kimi ni Okuru Uta~”, “Fellow”.  Ahead of its release, lead track “Kanashimi mo Itsuka wa” has already been picked up as the theme song for Fall drama “Edomae no Shun”.  A music video directed by Shuichi Bamba, and starring YouTuber Mina Watanabe, has been uploaded to their new label’s Youtube channel.

Read on to find not only this PV, but also the cover and track list for “swanflight”.

-’swanflight’ Track List-

  1. Fuse
  2. Kanashimi mo Itsuka wa
  3. Hero
  4. Mag to Mell
  5. Suisou
  6. Android to Aoi Hoshi no Machi
  7. Gitai
  8. Asa wo Mukae ni
  9. Ousama to Heishi
  10. Fellow
  11. Alstroemeria
  12. Mahou ni Kakerarete

(via natalie)