Tokyo Girls Style return with “Last Romance”

Today marks the release of Avex girl group Tokyo Girls Style‘s 24th single Last Romance.

Last Romance is released in the two standard CD only and CD+DVD versions, plus a various different “music card” versions only available in Japan. For the CD+DVD cover the girls teamed up with acclaimed artist majocco. The unique illustration shows the girls breaking out of a globe while underwater, various iconic imagery from Tokyo including The Tokyo Tower and subway trains are seen floating with them in the water.

The artsy MV for Last Romance was mainly filmed in what appears to be an abandoned garage. Throughout the MV blue paint is poured on the head of the girls, along with various other white objects including a clock and teddy bear. An impressive dance routine is also done on top of a large body of water.

All throughout the week the girls will be embarking on events to support the single including a live at Shibuya O-East and appearances at TSUTAYA records. On March 10th they will be heading out to Hong Kong to perform at the “JAM X TALE” festival.

Both the MV and covers for Last Romance can be found below!