SUPER BEAVER to release a new Full-Length Album in June

Last month rock band SUPER BEAVER announced that they would be releasing a new studio album titled “Kansei Zenya” on June 27th.  Their first new record since 2016’s “27”, “Kansei Zenya” will include the group’s previously released songs “Shiawase”, “Utsukushii Hi”, “Zenbu”, and “Niji”, as well as eight new tracks for a total of 12.

The album is currently planned to be issued in two versions, with the Limited Edition to include a Live CD containing audio from the band’s Zepp Tokyo show last December.  In support of the release, the group have also uploaded the music video for its lead track “Love Song” to their Youtube channel.  The video is a collaboration with Sony’s high resolution WALKMAN brand, aiming to express the joy that music can bring into people’s lives.

You’ll find this PV, as well as the cover and track list for “Kansei Zenya” right after the cut.

-’Kansei Zenya’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Fugai Inai Yoru Koso
  2. Niji
  3. Senkou
  4. Love Song
  5. Simply
  6. Machigaeta
  7. Shiawase -Re-recorded-
  8. Utsukushii Hi
  9. Ureshii Namida
  10. Hitokoto
  11. Nakama
  12. Zenbu
  • Live CD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Fanfare
  2. Aoi Haru
  3. Urusai
  4. Utsukushii Hi
  5. Okurimono
  6. irony
  7. Hinata
  8. Hito Toshite
  9. 27
  10. 361°
  11. Shoumei
  12. Seikouhou
  13. Tokyo Ryuuseigun
  14. Himitsu
  15. Sore Kurai no Koto
  16. Yorokobi no Ashita ni

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