notall and EPIC STAR prepare for their European debut stage at Japan Expo

Two very unique idol groups are currently preparing for their debut oversea performance at the famed Japan Expo. Both groups participated in the “Tokyo Candoll” contest, where the winners received the privilege of performing at Japan Expo’s main stage. Over 90 idol groups participated in the contest, but notall and EPIC STAR came out on top.

notall made their debut in 2014 with their concept being an “SNS idol”, an idol group who “everyone can produce”. The groups nicknames, songs, merchandise, and even costume designs have all been decided upon via SNS. Fans have also had the opportunity to submit their own ideas for the identity of the group. Winning ideas have been picked from fans living in over 8 countries outside of Japan. Having fans be so interactive with the group will no doubt keep them happy.

notall eventually secured a contract with Universal Japan and released their major debut single on April 19th, 2017 titled “Capybara Jisoku 50km / Kimi ni Da-Da-Dan”.


The male idol group chosen from the “Tokyo Candoll” contest is EPIC STAR, the self-proclaimed “wotagei idol group”. Wotagei is a type of dance/cheer gesture usually performed by idol otaku watching their favorites on stage.  EPIC STAR decided to incorporate wotagei into their live performances and songs making their lives a sight to behold.

EPIC STAR was formed in 2015, another thing that sets them apart from the typical idol group is their involvement in the creation of their music. The groups leader Hiro serves as the producer. EPIC STAR is currently preparing for their first physical indie release.

The Japan Expo will take place July 6th-9th at Paris, France.