Nissy (Takahiro Nishijima) covers NUMERO TOKYO, announces his own jewelry line

AAA member Nissy (Takahiro Nishijima) is the cover boy for the fashion magazine Tokyo Numero. He was selected as the special model for the magazines November 2019 issue, on sale September 28th, 2019.

The issue will feature 10 pages of Nissy in various fashions, along with one of the first looks at his own jewelry line “SoireeO“. Fans will be able to pre-order products from the range beginning on September 30th, which is when further details about the line will be released.

So far on the official website there’s a bunch of promo images teasing the product. A “Nissy Set” is previewed which includes a necklace, bangle, and earcuff earring.

Fans are very excited for both the jewelry line and Tokyo Numeo spread, with many commenting that the photos left them speechless and crazy.