Mr.Children to wrap up their 25th Anniversary Celebration with a Live DVD/Blu-ray & MV Collection

Aiming to keep up their current momentum, pop-rock band Mr.Children have announced that they will be releasing a brand new Live DVD/Blu-ray on March 21st.  This release will contain footage from the group’s “DOME & STADIUM TOUR -Thanksgiving 25-” show at Egao Kenkou Stadium in Kumamoto, which was held on September 9th last year.

In addition to the concert, the Limited Edition versions of the release will also include a special Music Clips collection, which will contain the music videos for 36 of the songs included on their digital best albums plus last year’s singles “Hikari no Atelier” and “himawari”.  With both sections combined, there are over 400 minutes of material to be found on this expansive anniversary offering.

You’ll find the cover and complete track list for this Live DVD/Blu-ray below, so please do read on.

-’Mr.Children DOME & STADIUM TOUR 2017 -Thanksgiving 25-’ Track List-

  • DVD 1+2/Blu-ray 1
  1. <Prologue>
  4. See-Saw Game ~Yuukan na Koi no Uta~
  5. Namonaki Uta
  6. <MC>
  7. GIFT
  8. Sign
  9. <MC>
  10. Hikari no Atelier
  11. <MC>
  12. Kimi ga Ita Natsu
  13. innocent world
  14. Tomorrow never knows
  15. <MC>
  16. Simple
  17. <VTR>
  18. Shishunki no Natsu ~Kimi to no Koi ga Ima mo Makiba ni~
  19. 365 Nichi
  20. HANABI
  21. <MC>
  22. 1999-nen, Natsu, Okinawa
  23. Ashioto ~Be Strong
  24. Running High
  25. Nishi e Higashi e
  26. Pocket Castanet
  27. himawari
  28. Tenohira
  29. Printing
  30. Dance Dance Dance
  31. fanfare
  32. Esora
  33. <ENCORE>
  34. overture
  35. Sosei
  36. <MC>
  37. Owarinaki Tabi
  • DVD 3+4/Blu-ray 2 (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Kimi ga Ita Natsu -Music Video-
  2. Dakishimetai -Music Video-
  3. Replay -Music Video-
  4. CROSS ROAD -Music Video-
  5. innocent world -Music Video-
  6. Tomorrow never knows -Music Video-
  7. 【es】~Theme of es~ -Music Video-
  8. See-Saw Game ~Yuukan na Koi no Uta~ -Music Video-
  9. Hana -Memento Mori- -Music Video-
  10. Everything (It’s you) -Music Video-
  11. Nishi e Higashi e -Music Video-
  12. Owarinaki Tabi -Music Video-
  13. Hikari no Sasu Hou e -Music Video-
  14. I’LL BE -Music Video-
  15. Kuchibue -Music Video-
  16. NOT FOUND -Music Video-
  17. Yasashii Uta -Music Video-
  18. youthful days -Music Video-
  19. Kimi ga Suki -Music Video-
  20. Any -Music Video-
  21. HERO -Music Video-
  22. Tenohira -Music Video-
  23. Kurumi -Music Video-
  24. Sign -Music Video-
  25. Mirai -Music Video-
  26. and I love you -Music Video-
  27. Houkiboshi -Music Video-
  28. Shirushi -Music Video-
  29. Fake -Music Video-
  30. Tabadachi no Uta -Music Video-
  31. GIFT -Music Video-
  32. HANABI -Music Video-
  33. Hana no Nioi -Music Video-
  34. Esora -Music Video-
  35. Inori ~Namida no Kidou -Music Video-
  36. Ashioto ~Be Strong -Music Video-
  37. Hikari no Atelier -Music Video-
  38. himawari -Music Video-

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