Mr.Children to perform the theme song for drama “Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru”

Following up on a busy year, popular rock band Mr.Children have revealed that their new song “here comes my love” has already been picked up as the theme song for FujiTV drama “Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru.”  “here comes my love” has been described as a track with both a hopeful outlook and a powerful band sound which nonetheless holds something back.

In addition, the group’s latest live DVD/Blu-ray, “Live & Documentary -Mr.Children Hikari no Atelier de Niji no E wo Kaku-” went on sale this week on December 20th.  The release chronicles the story behind the band’s 2016-2017 Hall Tours, including the creation of the ‘Hikari no Atelier’ ensemble and how the concert series influenced the large-scale tour that followed.

You’ll find a preview and the track list for this release below, and look forward to hearing “here comes my love” when “Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru” premieres on January 18th.

-’Mr.Children Hikari no Atelier de Niji wo E no Kaku’ Track List-

  1. Document 1
  2. Opening
  3. Otogibanashi
  4. Document 2
  5. Document 3
  6. You make me happy
  8. Document 4
  9. Classmate
  10. Document 5
  11. MC
  12. Mousou Mangetsu
  13. Niji no Kanata e
  14. Document 6
  15. Shirushi
  16. Kokoro
  17. MC
  18. Document 7
  19. Hikari no Atelier
  20. Document 8
  21. Main Street ni Ikou
  22. Tobe
  23. Document 9
  24. Owarinaki Tabi
  25. End Roll

(via natalie)