Mr.Children reveal special Short Film for digital single “here comes my love”

Last month popular rock band Mr.Children released their newest song “here comes my love”, which is currently being used as the theme song for drama “Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru”.  Now, in order to further promote the single, the group have created a short film based around the song’s lyrics and uploaded it to their Youtube channel.

This special video project was directed by Kyoutaro Hayashi of DRAWING & MANUAL and storyboarded by screenwriter Kouji Karatsu, both aiming to depict the story of a man’s life in line with the track’s worldview.  For those curious about the scenario and the characters involved, more information can be found on the single’s promotional website.

You’ll find the full ten minute video for “here comes my love” right after the jump.

(via natalie)