Kyary Pamyu Pamyu releases new PV for “Harajuku Iyahoi”

Singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has released her latest PV for “Harujuku Iyahoi”. Originally released on January 1st 2017 as a digital single, “Harujuku Iyahoi” will also be included on Kyary’s upcoming collaboration single “Crazy Crazy” with Nakata Yasutaka and Charli XCX.

The PV starts off as a parade lead by inanimate objects brought to life, such as giant hands, hats, and shoes followed by mini segways carrying portraits of Kyary. All this leads to a cute dance routine with clones of herself and wooden tree-like creatures. Nothing out of the ordinary here!

Check out the full video for “Harajuku Iyahoi” below