Keyakizaka46 release 7th single “Ambivalent”

Girl group Keyakizaka46 has released their 7th single titled “Ambivalent“.

“Ambivalent” is a up-beat pop song, the members sing the lyrics quite fast and at some parts can even be considered pseudo rapping. In usual Keyakizaka46 fashion the very unique choreography is a highlight in both the MV and live performances.

The MV begins with center Yurina Hirate power walking through some sort of labyrinth, various Keyakizaka46 members are laying all over the floor in various positions. Hirate’s walking becomes more erratic turning more into a dance as she continues to make her way through the pathway.

Eventually we see that the group is “attached” together, and they start to break apart leading into a high energy performance showing off the song’s unique dance. Check it out for yourself below!

The single is released in five different versions, each of them come with the b-side titled “Student Dance“. In this MV the girls take inspiration from the 1971 critically acclaimed film “A Clockwork Orange”, dressing as the main character “Alex DeLarge”.

“Ambivalent” can be purchased at various Japanese CD shops including and CDJapan.