Perfume release new studio album “Future Pop”

Today marks the release of Perfume’s brand new album, “Future Pop“.

Their 7th album overall, their last effort “COSMIC EXPLORER” was released two years ago. “Future Pop” contains 12 tracks in total including the hit singles “Tokyo Girl”, “If You Wanna”, and “Mugen Mirai”.

In support of the album the girls will be embarking on a nationwide Japanese tour beginning on September 21st, titled “Perfume 7th tour 2018 Future Pop”. 18 dates are scheduled, the tour will hold it’s finale on December 24th. 

Additionally, a promotional MV was released for the new track “Let Me Know”

Regular Edition Cover

Limited Edition Cover

CD tracklist

  1. Start-Up
  2. Future Pop
  3. If you wanna
  6. Tiny Baby
  7. Let Me Know
  8. Chourairin
  9. Mugen Mirai
  10. Houseki no Ame
  11. Tenkuu
  12. Everyday

DVD/Blu-ray tracklist

  1. TOKYO GIRL -Video Clip-
  2. If you wanna -Video Clip-
  3. Everyday -Video Clip-
  4. Mugen Mirai -Video Clip-
  5. Let Me Know -Video Clip-
  6. Let Me Know –Making Video- (Limited Edition only)
  7. TOKYO GIRL –Hatsubai Kinen Special Live- (Limited Edition only)
  8. If you wanna –Hatsubai Kinen Special Live- (Limited Edition only)
  9. TOKYO GIRL –2017/12/31 Dai 68-kai NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen- (Limited edition only)
  10. FUSION –Perfume×TECHNOLOGY presents “Reframe”- (Limited edition only)
  11. Perfume no Tada Tada Radio ga Suki Dakara Radio! 3

Besides the physical release, the album is available outside of Japan digitally on various music services including iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.