Jin Akanishi releases new album “A la carte”

Today marks the release of a brand new album by Jin Akanishi, making this his very first physical release of 2018.

A la carte” isn’t a new studio album, it’s more like a compilation album. It contains rearranged versions of some Akanishi’s past songs including “Go Higher”, “Can’t Get Enough”, and “Mi Amor”. This is the very first time Akanishi has released a rearranged album.

Akanishi thought of the idea for a rearrangement album while on the road for his most recent tour “JIN AKANISHI LIVE TOUR 2018 Blessèd”. He stared to edit and play around with the arrangement of some of his songs, and noticed the lyrics and melodies started to take on a completely different charm. Akanishi started and completed production of the album right in the middle of touring.

New songs that made their debut on tour will also be included on the album. Besides the standard CD only and CD+DVD/blu-ray, a special premium edition will be sold on the Universal Japan store. It will be housed in a box set packaging and come with a deluxe photobook.

CD only



  1. Feelin’
  2. Go Higher (Rearranged)
  3. Ain’t Enough (Rearranged)
  4. Slow (Rearranged)
  5. Dayum (Rearranged)
  6. Baila (Rearranged)
  7. Mami Loca (Rearranged)
  8. One Last Time (Rearranged)
  9. Heart Beat (Rearranged)
  10. Opaque (Rearranged)
  11. Can’t Get Enough (Rearranged)
  12. Summer Loving (Rearranged)
  13. Hey What’s Up?(Rearranged)
  14. Mi Amor (Rearranged)
  15. Let Me Talk To U (Rearranged)