GReeeeN provide new song for “Hokkaido Kome RICE” CMs

Dentist band GReeeeN has been chosen to provide their new song “Meshi I GOT IT ↑↑” for a new round of ‘Hokkaido Kome RICE‘ CMs.

GreeeeN created this song to convey the important role that rice has in the typical Japanese diet. Of course their relevance played a part in choosing them to take part in this campaign, but in fact, band members HIDE and navi live in Hokkaido as well making them a good choice to promote their rice. They were given this opportunity by HOKUREN TRADING CO. to expand Hokkaido-based rice sales and show the local charm.

The ‘Hokkaido Kome RICE’ CMs were published on YouTube and are currently available in two versions: 30 seconds and 50 seconds. The commercials have begun airing on select Hokkaido-based stations, but they are already scheduled for a nationwide airing starting October 1st.

(via Natalie)