DAOKO teams up with D.A.N. in new mysterious “Onaji Yoru” MV

DAOKO has been in the spotlight for quite a long time, being her collab with Yonezu Kenshi “Uchiage Hanabi” an utter sensation in Japan and most recently her collaboration with Yasuyuki Okamura “STEP UP LOVE” has quickly rocketed to more than 2 million views in YouTube in a matter of two weeks. The genuine pop flavor of these tracks definitely helped them get this much attention, but it definitely meant the loss of her old personal style in a search of more likeable although not so original melodies.

Fortunately for those that missed this more distinct feeling, today we have been blessed with a new track that while doesn’t particularly bring back too many “old DAOKO vibes”, certainly explores a different side of the artist from her recent poppy tunes. This track, “Onaji Yoru”, has been possible thanks to the fact that D.A.N. has been an active part of the production of this song. In the clip you can check how DAOKO explores and overlooks from her most adult look yet one of her trademark interests: urban night. Check the full MV for this mysterious new track just after the jump!