Japanese Celebrity Halloween Costumes [2017]!

Happy Halloween! As usual a plethora of Japanese celebrities took to various social media to show off their costumes in celebration of Satan’s birthday. Disney seemed to be quite a popular trend this year, but overall The Kano Sisters arguably set the standard, along with J-rocker HYDE.

Kyoko Kano donned a very elaborate costume of Maleficent and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, she also dressed up as Disney’s interpretation of Cinderella. Meanwhile, her younger “sister” Mika Kano dressed up as a sexy little red riding hood, and the busty ninja Tsunade from the manga and anime series Naruto Shippuden. As usual HYDE’s Halloween costumes were just as impressive and elaborate this year, with his version of Jack Sparrow arguably looking better than the original!

Check out some of our favorite costumes this year below the jump.

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