BUMP OF CHICKEN publish Music Videos for “Sirius” and “Bouen no March”

Two months after the release of their previous digital single, pop-rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN have chosen to suddenly release another.  In support of this surprise release, the group have chosen to publish not only the music video for this track, “Sirius,” but also that of their last single “Bouen no March.”

The video for “Sirius,” which has been used as the opening theme for anime “Juushinki Pandora,” combines the use of four separate drones with CG visuals reminiscent of skyscrapers, space, and other sci-fi imagery.  Bouen no March’s PV, meanwhile, makes use of rotoscope animation in order to present a scene of the band performing in a brilliant watercolor art style.

Both of these music videos can be found beneath the fold.

(via natalie)