Arama! Japan Podcast: Female Soloists: Part 1 (New Generation)

We’re back with another episode of the Arama! Japan Podcast! A few years ago, we did a special feature on female soloists. We were supposed to have a part 2, but that never happened. We said that we would do something similar, and here it is! This episode is the first in our female soloists special series, with this episode dedicated to newer female soloists! Aimyon is featured prominently, but there is also talk of her predecessors, aiko and YUI. All three of these women have a great emphasis on lyrics, which is discussed. Speaking of lyrics, the impact of karaoke is also discussed. The panel also talks about their favorite newer female soloists.

Featured on the podcast alongside myself this time is Hannah, along with special guests K and Timo. Check it out below!

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